Thursday, December 01, 2011

The Twenty-Four Days of Christmas: Introduction

Welcome to December!  

I am one of those people who gets VERY excited in December every year.  I grew up celebrating Advent.  We were taught as children that the word Advent means "coming", and that we are celebrating two important events that are coming.  First, we celebrate the anniversary of the birth of Jesus the Messiah.  I understand that we don't really know the date he was born and that this is simply an arbitrary date that was chosen.  I'm fine with that.  The important thing to me is that we honor the birth of my Lord and Saviour.  The second event that is coming is His return.  If Christmas itself is not enough to get excited about (and around here it is!), the thought of Jesus' return will surely get the anticipation goose-bumps going!

Knowing the background of what Advent means, how is it celebrated?  We do a number of different things in our house and there are other things that I grew up doing.  I hope to share some of those with you over the next twenty-four days.  I hope that you will leave a comment or two and let me know what some of the traditions are in your home as well. 

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