Monday, June 08, 2009

I'm still here; I'm still here!
After the last post I had some issues with the blog host and was not able to post for several days. The house has kept me busy last week getting ready for company. YAY!!!! My parents came to town and spent Thursday through Saturday with us at our house. It was super to get to spend this time with them. They stopped off in Augusta on the way over and brought us some things from my sister. This is the rocking chair that sat in the bedroom I shared with my sister Nancy for a number of years. When I remember bedtime back in those days, I remember sitting in Mama's lap in this chair while she read me a Bible story, taught me the catechism and taught me to pray. Needs a litttle TLC but I am delighted to have this in my home now. Thanks, Liz!

Just for the record, no, Mama did NOT ride like this all the way from Augusta. It started raining around Atlanta, so Daddy let her get in the truck. JUST KIDDING! Yes, she is knitting. You should see the cute baby clothes she is working on right now.