Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Ides of March. For a cute look at the definition, check out this link: (Sorry; you'll have to cut and paste; I can't get the hyperlink to work!)

It is also Palm Sunday. Some of you may remember from your childhood the excitement of getting to march into "Big Church" with your Sunday School class singing, "Hosanna, Hosannah, the Little Children Sang". That was always such a big moment for me. Carrying those palm branches and waving them around and knowing that on that Sunday ages ago, the children were an important part of praising Jesus as he rode into Jerusalem. I always figured the children remained true to Jesus and it was the grownups who messed up so badly later in the week; nothing like a little childhood arrogance and self-righteousness!

Have a blessed day.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

I THINK I am finally over the crud and the fatigue and pain from traveling. I hope! I keep trying to start another sore throat and cough, but so far, so good. This past weekend was a special one. Mark's birthday was on Sunday and we had a wonderful weekend together. It is a little different being just two of us, rather than all three of us, but we had a good time. Sunday was my day to tell the story for K church; I love getting to do that! The story was Zacchaeus, and I had to keep reminding myself to stick with the essentials. It is so easy for me to diverge into some interesting points on these, but 3, 4, and 5 year olds need the essentials....the depths can be plumbed after they grasp the essentials. The focus was on the fact that Jesus loves us, even when we are naughty (a tax-collector...what better illustration of being naughty!). After church, we went to lunch with some friends who also work in K church. Understand, Sunday was Mark's birthday and he has always been more comfortable with college-aged kids than little bitties. So we are at lunch at Zaxby's and wound up sitting at a table with 5 children aged 1 1/2, almost 3, 5, 7 and 8 and had a blast! That evening we went to Westminster Presbyterian to attend the ordination of Rev. David Sanders. That was a very, very special time! Rhett Sr. and Virginia were there along with daughters Martha and Virginia. Rhett Jr. was there, and did one of the charges and Paul and Suzanne were there with all of their children. I got to put Mary Grace on my lap and ride her around. Mary Grace, who is 6 now, was the first person to ever ride in my lap in my wheelchair and she and I both enjoyed the time to do this. I'm including some pictures below.

Today I am working on my very first pysanky eggs and should have them finished up this afternoon. I'll write more about that and post some pictures of them this evening.