Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Twelve Days of Christmas: Day Six

On the Sixth Day of Christmas My Father Gave to Me...

...the grace to keep going on a New Tradition!  

I am continuing to search for names of Jesus throughout the Bible and have decided to make this a "until I re-read the entire Bible" kind of project.  I have finished the book of Acts and have had some interesting thoughts about this process that I would like to share.
  1. In the book of Acts there is only one chapter where Jesus is not mentioned by name or title.  That is chapter 27 or the Shipwreck chapter.  Curious, isn't it?
  2. As I read and write names down on pieces of paper I realize that some names have more meaning for some people than for others.  For example, those with a Jewish heritage will get a lot more out of the name "Son of David" than those who do not have that background.  
  3. I began to think about how people would react to certain names.  If you were to come to my home and take a slip of paper with a name on it, how would you react to one that says, "this man"?  
  4. I realize how important it is to emphasize not just one name, but the fact that it is ALL the names that make an attempt to describe in human terms just who Jesus is.  
  5. This is not a futile, time-wasting exercise.  It helps me see my Jesus more clearly.  That is never a waste of time! I trust that God will use this activity for His honor and glory.
  6. During a time when my activity is limited, this is a pretty fun and interesting way to spend my time.

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