Monday, October 22, 2007

 I'm so happy; I have finally finished the snow on the cross stitch project I am doing. Now if I can just get the four legs finished this week.....! Pictures are below.

I am trying to get 28 more bookmarks made for my Tuesday Bible study, too.

Yesterday we had a missionary visit us from Romania, who is working with the gypsies there. It is amazing what God is doing! Can you imagine talking to people who have never, ever in their lives heard anything about the Bible or God or Jesus? What an experience to be allowed to share this with them. They are responding in amazing ways, too. The missionaries had to be careful about giving out Bibles, since they had a limited supply, so they told the children that they could have one after they came to church 6 times and memorized the books of the Bible. They have given almost 200 Bibles just to the children! What a remarkable response. Praise God for what HE is doing. When we remember what our family is going through and dealing with around the world, it makes it easier to view our own particular circumstances in a better perspective. Look at Jesus. Seek His face. Allow Him to direct our gaze where He wants us to look.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Moving right along with the Christmas project. If I can finish the snow foreground by mid-next week, I'll keep plugging along and try to finish by Christmas. If I can not, then I will change and start another project for this particular niece's Christmas gift this year.

Meanwhile, I am fascinated by October sky. It is amazing to me how clear and how blue the sky is these days. Each afternoon, the clouds roll over and the sunsets here are gorgeous. The sunset pic is from our backyard and the sky pics are from our front yard. I love sitting on our back deck and watching. Our back-door neighbors have the willow tree and I have always enjoyed the look of these trees. Mr. Marvelous loves that we don't have to take care of it and clean up after it and worry about it ruining our water lines!

I'm going to a craft show Saturday with some ladies from church. I am so excited!

Saturday, October 06, 2007

My blue linen is serged, and I have gotten started. I got three rows done Monday, while sitting with Mom at the hospital, only to realize that I was too close to the edge, so I had to rip out and start over. Sigh. Three rows may not sound like much until I tell you that each row has approximately 100 stitches! Oh well, I'm up and running now, with almost 8 rows finished.

I slowed down a little this week to make bookmarks. I enjoy making these. I make them with waxed linen and make two tails to them so you can mark two places in your Bible if the preacher gets ripping. Right now I just enjoy making them to give away. I've sold some to the local Friends of the Library, but that was back in June and I have not gotten any further orders.

Mr. Marvelous is busy writing an essay/treatise/whatever on the subject of worship. We are so bothered and discouraged by the current acrimonious arguments over what type of worship is "right", and the assertion that any other style or format is therefor wrong. It is sad to see the church tearing itself apart over trivial matters.