Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Twenty-Four Days of Christmas: Day Twenty

A Little Shopping, A Little Family

Day Twenty brought a shopping expedition to finish that up and some time with family.  Spending time with extended family is one of the greatest gifts that I receive each year.  I am one of five children, so now that we are all married I have four brothers and four sisters.  I have eight nephews (including the two who were brave enough to marry into the family), and ten nieces (once again, including the two who were brave).  In addition, I have three great-nieces and two great-nephews (and boy, are they ever GREAT!).  This week, our nephew and niece and their four children from Utah are in town to visit their parents and all the rest of us.  They are traveling back and forth between the two sets of grandparents which means that they are having Christmas almost every day!  My oldest great-niece was given a lovely tea-party game from her Nana and Grandaddy, so we sat down and played tea-party together a few times.  Lots of hugs, lots of lovin', lots of silliness, and LOTS of fun.


Merry Christmas!!

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