Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Twenty-Four Days of Christmas: Day Ten

Day Ten: Rest!

Do you remember the plans for Day Nine?  How my generous sister and daughter-of-my-heart were planning to share the four children with me?  They did, and we had a wonderful time!  We went to Chick Fil A, where we could meet one of their uncles and their cousin.  We ate.  We played.  Auntie 'Ginia got in the humongous van (the one she had never driven before that scared her silly), drove to Nana's house, and played.  And watched Thomas the Tank Engine.  And read books.  And pretended to take a nap (!).  And played.  And begged to go play with the Westies in the back yard.  And played.  And begged to go play with the Westies.  And waited for Nana.  And yelled "SURPRISE!!!!" to Nana when she came home.  And played.  And begged to go play with the Westies.  And went out with the Westies.  And got scared REAL BAD by the Westies.  And played.  And had supper.  And the baby fell asleep IN the big pot she was playing with.  No kidding.  Head down in the pot asleep.  And played.  And explained why we did not need to go to bed yet.  And went to bed because NANA said so (Yay, Nana!!).  And had a story.  And sang some songs.  And prayed.  And asked for water.  And giggled.  And played.  And got in trouble with Nana.  And giggled.  And played.  And watched Nana turn out the hall light because she said if we did not settle down she would (YAY NANA!!).  And wore Auntie 'Ginia plumb, slap OUT.

So Auntie 'Ginia went home and went to bed and SLEPT.  And Saturday Auntie 'Ginia did not do very much of anything, even blogging.  

And that is all that happened on Day Ten after Day Nine.  

Except that it all made Auntie 'Ginia VERY, VERY HAPPY!!

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