Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Twenty-Four Days of Christmas: Day Twenty-Three


Let's see.  It is two days now until Christmas.  How is that list I am so attached to coming along?
  1.  English muffins for friends and family.  One family got a dozen
  2. Amish Friendship bread finished and delivered to friends and family.  Made.  In the freezer.
  3. Home-made candles made and delivered.  Nope.  Not gonna happen.
  4. Home-made rag wreaths finished and delivered.  Nope.  Not even finished.
  5. Gifts for my sister and niece purchased.  Again, nope.
  6. Gifts for my husband and son under the tree.  Not those, either
  7. Baking finished for my neighbors and delivered.  No.
  8. Baking finished for my guys.  Not.
  9. Everything ready for a big feast for family.  Sigh.  Nope.
  10. House immaculate and decorated.  HA HA HA HA!!!!!
So has Auntie 'Ginia gotten anything done??
  1. The Gospels finished and names of Jesus written and in my cracked pot.  Done.
  2. Time spent thinking about the names as I have found them.  Check.
  3. Time spent listening to some really good Christmas music.  Yup!
  4. Time spent with my sister going to watch a silly Christmas movie.  Done.
  5. Time spent with sweet friends going to the Nutcracker.  Yes!
  6. Opportunities to worship with my Brook Hills family.  Yes!
  7. Semi-disicplined enough to actually finish the task of blogging this month (let's not talk about the procrastination factor, please).  Yes, by God's grace!
  8. Time spent anticipating the return of my Saviour?  Oh yes!
The end of the month has not been what I expected.  I will not be attending the traditional candle-light service at my church tonight with my husband, my son, and my nieces.  Tomorrow will not include a big gift-exchange in our family.  My sister, brother-in-law, and nieces will not be joining us for a traditional Christmas dinner (this will be the first time in a number of years that I won't be fixing my usual standing rib roast and yorkshire pudding).

And it is not only OK, it is fine!  As Marvelous Mark naps on the couch over there by the tree, and Dan snoozes in his room while I type in between yawns, I am so thankful for so much!  We have one another.  We are living in a warm home and have food and water.  We are living in grace and have the gift of salvation, the gift of God's word, and the gift of the Holy Spirit.  Because of the birth, life, work, death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus Christ, our sins are forgiven and we have been given His righteousness.  When God looks at us, He sees His perfect Son, rather than our imperfect selves.  So what else can I say, except.....

Merry Christmas!!

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