Thursday, March 26, 2015

Thursday Prayers Please

Please keep Mother and I in your prayers as you think of it today.  We are in Vermont where we have been visiting my Aunt.  We were supposed to start our trip home this morning.  Yesterday, Mother got sick and in the evening I had to take her to the local Emergency Room.  They admitted her with an infection and she is likely to be there for a couple of days at least.  It is challenging being out of town where you know no-one (we are a couple of hours away from my Aunt's nursing home) and having Mama in a strange (but very good) hospital.  Please pray for her healing.  Pray for me to be what she needs me to be.  Pray for my Dad back in South Carolina, and the brothers and sisters in Alabama and Washington.  Not to mention Mr. Marvelous!

We have found glimpses of grace along the way in the kindness of the doctors and nurses, the hotel clerk who not only extended my stay but reduced my rate throughout my stay and retroactively, the rental car clerk who assured me of her prayers for mother, the friends who are not only donating frequent flier miles to get us home but are making all the flight arrangements so that Dad does not have to try and figure that out.  Patches of God-light indeed!

Thank you.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Wednesday Prayers

Happy Wednesday!  I hope you are having a good week this week.  I'm getting excited at the thought of Easter being almost here.

Thank you so much for praying with us about our trip to see my dear Aunt Roberta.  Our time together has been precious.  We have been able to take care of some of the details of her care that needed to be handled and working through that process has been much smoother than I had hoped.  Again, thank you for your prayers.  I know that this is why things have gone so well!

Please continue to pray for Vicky's son, and for Nancy, who resumes chemo the 31st.

Last week Kim asked for prayers for Shelley's Dad, who is recovering from heart surgery, particularly for pain management.  Update: Kim says that he is doing very well and the pain is being managed.  Thanks for your prayers for him!

This week's needs:

  1. Tyson was born Tuesday night, shortly before typing this.  It was expected that there will be some significant heart defects.  Please pray for little Tyson, and for his parents.                           Update: Ty was safely born via C-Section.  Here is a link to his Mama's blog about how he is doing.  Please keep those prayers rolling! 
  2. As you pray for our military heroes this week, please pray particularly for the ones who are relocating.  Pray that the relocations will go smoothly, and that they will find new church families to love and support them.
  3. Pray for the families of your local police and fire officers who have died in the line of duty.  
  4. Pray for the secretaries and support staff in your local church.  It is remarkable all the people who work so hard behind the scenes ~ the quiet work of the church ~ to make everything as smooth as possible on Sundays.  Pray that their work will be an act of worship so that they may then direct our hearts toward true worship.
Remember to let us know how we may support you in prayer this week.  Thanks for your faithful help and support in these matters.  Do not let anyone detract you from this work by making you feel that it is unimportant or insignificant.  It matters!

God's peace to your homes.

Praying Hands

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Jack South

Poor Jack!

Let me begin by assuring you that Jack is physically fine.  He is whole without cracks, dents, or dings.  Jack has not even had any near-hits or accidents.  Physically, he is fine.

However, Jack is mentally and emotionally not so fine.  

It was decided a number of days ago that my mother and I had to go to Vermont to see my dear Aunt.  We put the trip together remarkably quickly (I did not know I could make that many arrangements that fast!).  One week after making this decision, I got up and hit the road.  I drove to South Carolina, spent the night with my parents and the next day Mother and I caught the train and started our week-long adventure.

Jack knew what was going on.  It would not have been possible to hide the information.  I was making train reservations while booking rental car, hotel rooms, calling AAA, calling the Nursing Home, cleaning house, doing laundry, cooking meals for my men-folk to have while I was gone (the only thing I forgot was the Ovaltine).  I was packing, paying bills, mailing the things that had to go out before I came home again, doing what I could to help Mr. Marvelous with the gardens and the animals.....well.  The list seemed endless and you can imagine how lovely a nice, long, relaxing train ride was starting to sound.  As I said, there was no effort made to keep this trip a deep, dark secret. 

The cats were sulking.

The bunnies were confused (that's nothing new)

And Mama was BUSY.

Jack took it all in stride.  He knew he had nothing to worry about!  He is a star.  Mama would not dare to travel without him.

The day came for me to drive to South Carolina.  The bags were packed and loaded.  I was packed (but not loaded).  I took my purse and the last few items ~ including coffee! ~ and got in the car.

This is what I found.

Jack has become acclimated to the South.  Grab a Mountain Dew and a snack and strap in.  Especially when Mama is driving.

Away we went.  We got to my parents' house in time for supper.  I unloaded my car.  Jack patiently waited.  And waited.  And waited.

I DID NOT forget Jack.  I suppose in a way that makes it even worse.

If you have been following my blog for very long, you might remember this post.  I certainly remember the backpack that gained more weight than I did.  Therefore I made the difficult choice to leave Jack in South Carolina.  

The reason I chose not to leave him in the house is because my parents have a rather curious little Westie.  Toby is not bashful about "claiming" new friends.  Jack does not need a shower.  So Jack was left safely in the car with a can of Mountain Dew and a snack.

I imagine I will have to listen to some interesting comments when I return. 

My shoulder does not miss him.

My camera does.

Monday, March 23, 2015


Here we are in Vermont.

We left South Carolina on what we thought was a cool morning.  Yesterday the high in Glover, Vermont was 16.  That's not Celsius, my friends; it is COLD up here. 

There is snow on the ground and on the road, and the lake behind Gwen's home is frozen from one end to the other.  There are buckets hanging from the maple trees.  I'll be taking lots of pictures over the next few days, but here are a few just to get you started.

Friday, March 20, 2015


I really ought to post a video of someone singing, "On the Road Again..."

Mother and I are on the train, somewhere in North Carolina.  We will be in Baltimore this evening, and in Burlington, Vermont Saturday night, Lord willing.

We love traveling, and we love traveling by train.  You have to have a particular mindset; you can't be in a big hurry.  You have to be willing to sit back and just enjoy the ride.  We are willing and we do!

I'll be posting more through this next week as I find Wi-Fi hotspots, but in the meantime here is a Friday picture.

Happy (blurry) Spring!

God's peace to your homes.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Homestead Update


This is Mr. Marvelous' favorite time of year.  Despite battling a recurring sinusitis, he can not keep himself out of the garden.  He has been busy finishing the raised beds, starting seed in the basement, moving plants that were started in January out into the sunshine, moving the chickens around so that they can do some tilling and fertilizing for him, and generally enjoying warmer weather.  We have had a LOT of rain this winter, but I think that is God's grace to keep him indoors on days when the infection is at its worst!

Here are a few pics from around and about.

 I'm really proud of how well his raised beds are turning out

The planting station

These are the potatoes from last year that sprouted in the bins over the winter
So they became this years' seed potatoes.

The bunnies will be moving soon.
 Elephant garlic and onions....

And the faithful sage, coming back to life for another year.

The basement babies are thriving and will be moving outdoors after Easter.

I would show you more, but I have to hit the road!

Stay tuned for Vermont updates...

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Wednesday Prayers

Good morning, Prayer Warriors!  Here are a few things for us to be remembering over this next week.

Vicky's adult son is in kidney failure and will need a transplant soon.  Vicky is hoping to be able to donate one of her kidneys to him.  Please pray for them through this process.  Vicky is one of the most godly women I know.  Her son is struggling with his faith.

Nancy will start chemotherapy on the 26th.  The cancer has spread to her lungs.  Please pray for her as she prepares for this.  She and her daughters will have a trip to the beach next week; pray that this will be a time of great joy for all of them.

Our pastors are preparing for a very busy Easter week.  Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Sunday; it can be a very hectic time for them.  Add to that the fact that the daily challenges a pastor deals don't go away just because it is Holy Week.  These men and their families need our prayers during this time!  It is a joyful responsibility we have to guard them with our prayers.

Please pray for my mother and I as we travel to see her sister.  Aunt Roberta is not doing well and I have a feeling that this may be our last opportunity to see her. 

EASTER IS COMING!!!  HURRAY and PRAISE GOD!  Let's add to our prayers the rejoicing and thanksgiving that come as we think about the glory and the hope of the resurrection.  Pray that we will be so overwhelmed with this glory and hope, that others will be touched by it.

And how may we pray for you today?