Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Twenty-Four Days of Christmas: Day Nineteen

Hand Made

First, I need to make an addendum to Day Seventeen:  we finally got a tree!  This was a few days later than usual, but since our tree stays up until January 6th (twelfth night or Epiphany), and since we use a live tree (although that may change after this year!), I don't like to get them too early.  

On to Day Nineteen..
Day Nineteen was baking day.  I made English Muffins and Amish Friendship Bread for gifts.

English Muffins rising...


When you triple the recipe you have to make it in the big stock pot!

But it makes this plus another six pans.

While I was cooking, this was going on behind the couch!  Marvelous Mark was getting the tree all lit up for us.  

Sometimes when he gets pre-occupied with doing Christmas tree lights, I have to remind him of this:

Marvelous Mark loves to put on a "humbug show", but I know it is just show!

So now we are lit, and some of the gifts are finished.  What's next?!

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