Sunday, April 06, 2008

What a blessing K church was today! As I prepared, I realized that I needed to focus on just telling the story. No editorializing, or attempting to manipulate the story to fit any particular agenda (good or bad), just tell the story so that the little ones could learn the story. As I concluded I mentioned how important it is that we tell people about Jesus and help them understand that God loves us. After I told the story, one little girl approached me and reminded me that she is going to Disney World this week. She told me that she is going to tell Goofy that God loves him! She plans on telling other boys and girls who are waiting in line with her that God loves them, too, but her primary focus is on making sure that Goofy knows that God loves him! Knowing this particular young lady, she will NOT be deterred from this task. Someone who lives in the Orland area and works at Disney is being prepared for a Divine appointment later on this week. Pray that ears and hearts will be opened and prepared for a VERY important message!
"I love You Lord, my strength" Psalm 18:1

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Tomorrow is the story of Philip and the Ethiopian. It is so easy for me to get caught up in elements of a story for my little ones and forget the main point! On this occasion, the points being emphasized in the story are: God made me, God loves me, and Jesus wants to be my forever friend. I'll file a report after I recover from the day!

Meantime, I am working on my new project. I got started on Thursday and am still working on the first figure. They are always more complicated than one thinks with Mary Englebreit; she has so many shadings and variations in her figures. But it is worth following the pattern because it tends to look fantastic when you do. This will be a Christmas Card caddy. I'm posting the picture, but it will take two pieces of fabric which will be sewn together. I'm working on the smaller piece of fabric right now, which has more stitching on it (go figure!). The checks on the little snowsuit have made me batty, but using the computer helps. I scan each page into the computer as an image. I save it as a shared file so that I can access it from any of our computers. Then I open it on my laptop and save it as an individual file (that means I still have the clean copy). Then on the individual file, I use the highlighter tool and highlight each stitch (or row of stitches) as I do them. Having these files on the computer also lets me enlarge to image as I am working on it, so that is a lot easier on the eyes. Is this WAAAAAAY more info than you were really interested in?!

Tomorrow is Sunday. Pray that my story will be clear and that God will speak through me to these precious ones. Pray for your pastor, that he will faithfully proclaim the Word of God and speak God's words, not his own. Pray for pastors around the world, for the church that we will be faithful to our call. Pray that we will not loose our saltiness and be worse than worthless. Pray that we will be instruments of common grace to the world around us. Be bold in obeying the mandate, no matter the cost.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Happy Birthday, Queen Vickie!

Vickie is the Queen of the Rick and Bubba Army; the one who keeps us all together AND the one who confers the royal titles. So join me in wishing her a VERY happy birthday.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

I have been rather busy the past few weeks, finishing a Christmas gift for two absolutely precious little ones, and reading a fantastic book. What's really amazing about that book is that it is not fiction! I don't usually read serious stuff; I read for fun. But I was asked to read a new book entitled, "Rocks Aren't Clocks". The author, Dr. John Reed, is one of my top five heroes (along with Mark Akin, Dr. Gordon Reed, Robert Reed, and Dan Akin.....NOT in any particular order). This is a book explaining why the current geologic time models are philosophy (flawed, at that) and not science. The amazing thing is that I understand it! I told John that he can now put a blurb on the book that says, "Even my little sister understands it!"

The stitching has been fun and I am so excited that I have finished another project. I'll start the next one the end of the week (I'm going to give my shoulders a break for a few days!), but here are pictures of what I have finished. This will be the seat of a child-sized rocking chair. If I can find a little wooden rocker to paint and stencil, than I will afix this to the seat of that. Otherwise I will make a little seat cushion for my sweet babies to put on their own rocker at Christmas time.
Do I celebrate Christmas all year? No, but I do celebrate Advent. Remember that Advent means, "Coming". I am celebrating the fact that Christmas is coming around again, but even more importantly, Jesus is coming back again. Maranatha. Until He comes.