Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Twelve Days of Christmas: Day Two

On the Second Day of Christmas My Father Gave to Me....

Parents and Grandparents (really, really Grand!) who prayed for me incessantly.

My grandparents began praying for each of their grandchildren twice each day from the moment they knew we had been conceived.  They prayed for us, and they prayed for our one-day husbands and wives.  When they began praying for me, my husband's parents, who were not church-goers, made the decision to put my husband in a Christian kindergarten program.  There he began to hear Bible stories and learn about prayer.  Nineteen years later, when my husband became a Christian and began to read the Bible for the first time, he could see the pictures that his teacher had used to illustrate the stories she was telling from the Bible.  Twelve years after that, when we were married and had a baby of our own, he had the opportunity to tell that teacher how she had helped him.  

My husband loved my Granny (Grandaddy died before he could meet him) and has some wonderful, precious memories of her.  However, the most precious treasure she gave him was the gift of her prayers.  

Perhaps you did not come from a heritage of faith.  Perhaps your memories of your parents and grandparents are things you wish you could forget.  That gives you the opportunity to start something new with your own children and grandchildren.  And if you have no children or grandchildren of your own?  The next time you are at church, I challenge you to take note of just one child.  Begin praying for that child.  Even if the child and his/her parents never know what you are doing for him, do it anyway.  Never doubt that God hears your prayers and will use your prayers in your life and the life of this child!

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