Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Twenty-Four Days of Christmas: Day Fifteen

Errands and Questions

Day Fifteen brought a need to run errands.  I had several places to go that day; the cleaners, the library, the garden center (a small independent business, not the big mega-center you might be thinking of).  It was interesting that after spending day Thirteen thinking about budget and shopping, on day Fifteen the question I was asked each place I went was the inevitable, "Are you done with your shopping yet?  Are you ready for Christmas?".  
I had the opportunity, each time this question was asked, to talk about how I am preparing for the coming celebration of the birth of Jesus, and His pending return to take His people home.  This looked a little different with each conversation.  God was faithful to give me the words I needed for each conversation.  

I also had time that day to sit down and make "THE LIST"!  I'm an incurable list-maker and flounder when I don't have one.  That afternoon I took some time to sit and think about the folks I know and love, and start planning some gifts of love to share with them.

Remember the gift of Love that we have all received.  Remember in the busy-ness of the next week to take time to share what you have been given.  Remember that God put people in your path on purpose; He has given you something that can help them!  Take time to demonstrate your concern for the people who are trying so desperately to fill the hole in their heart.  Demonstrate your love for your fellow-believers who are struggling in their jobs at the store and have to deal with unpleasant people every day.  Have compassion for the people around you.  Remember that you often have the biggest influence on the people whom you don't even realize are watching you!

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