Monday, December 05, 2011

The Twenty-Four Days of Christmas: Day Five

A New Tradition
This year I am inaugurating a new tradition, Names and Titles of Jesus.  
This year I decided that I want to find all the names and titles of Jesus in the Bible.  A very ambitious project! Starting in the book of Matthew, I spent some time reading through the book and circling every name and title that I could find.  

ESV Study Bible

Then I got out my cardstock and my trusty pretty-scissors and got to work cutting strips.

Don't worry about all those annoying, loose little bits of paper; I'll get to that later.

Then I start writing.   On the front, I write the name or title, and on the back I write the reference.  Do you know how many times the book of Matthew uses the name, "Jesus"?  Is it redundant to write that again, and again, and again?  No, I don't think so.  On most of the strips that have the name "Jesus", I include a bigger explanation by writing that this is also "Yeshua" and that this name means, "The Lord, or YHWH, saves".  Every time a name or title occurs, it gets a separate strip of paper.  If a name occurs multiple times in one verse, it gets that many pieces of paper.  Why?  Because I want to!

Next, I toss all these strips of paper in the great big, glass, cracked, pickle crock.  I like to re-purpose things, and I like the idea that a cracked pot can still be used to proclaim the glory of God.

Finally, I take my cracked pot and place it by the front door.

And we can share them with Christmas company in hopes that this will help them to stop for just a minute or two and think about Jesus.  

Remember those annoying little bits and pieces of paper?  What are you supposed to do with those?  I keep a good supply of clear glass ornaments on hand all the time and fill them up with scraps from different projects; yarn, cloth, thread, etc.  For this project, I put the scraps of paper in them.  Thank you, Debbie Hixon!

Any time I do a project like this that I hope to share with anyone, the most important part is to pray over what I am doing.  Each of these strips were done with a prayer that God will somehow use it to help someone.

And that's our first "New Tradition". 


Anonymous said...

Your welcome my friend. How about putting prayers or God's promises on paper and placing them in the ornament. I have a few friends going through some difficult challenges this Christmas season.
I love the Jar idea I may have to use this next year at school.

Tracy lingle said...

I love this blogging stuff. I have never blogged. You have some neat stuff on here!

Angie said...

I can't wait to track names of Jesus as I read through the Bible in 2012. I also love your idea of tracking them on slips of paper. I don't have fancy scissors so I may have to make do with colorful index cards. :-)