Friday, December 02, 2011

The Twenty-Four Days of Christmas: Day Two

Christmas Reading

I have several must-reads in the month of December, and they are all old favorites.  I love to re-read the Messianic prophecies from the book of Isaiah.  There are so many pertinent chapters in here that I have to re-read the entire book and it is hard for me to keep from singing a lot of it (thank you, Mr. Handel!).
My favorite Gospel accounts are Matthew and Luke
I always have to re-read my father's collection of Advent sermons from 1968, Christmas; A Triumph Over Tragedy.  I will send a gift copy to the first ten folks who comment (spammers not included!), and I do ship international.
My lighter "fun" reading always has to include Madeleine L'Engle's The Twenty-Four Days of Christmas. Madeleine L'Engle was not a good theologian, but this is a really good book. 
Finally, no Advent season is complete without the inimitable classic, The Best Christmas Pageant Ever.  Barbara Robinson is a genius.
So what are your favorite things to read in December? And remember:

Hey!  Hey!! Unto you a child is born!!!


Anonymous said...

Love that movie "Best Christmas Pageant Ever" we have it on a VHS. Wish we could find it on DVD. Our church put the play on one year it was great. I was one of the ladies making cookies at the church - the fire scene.
Debbie Hixon

Anonymous said...

Had to share this story with ya since it reminded me of the "Best Christmas Pageant Ever". Our PreK3's and 4's put on a short skit of the Christmas Story. It's dress rehearsal (up until now no one has warn their entire outfits - angels have worn hallos and animals their ears)and everyone is in their outfits. On stage we have barn yard animals, the Inn Keeper, Mary, Joseph, the donkey, sheep, Shepherds and the first set of angels played by the K4 children now the second set of angels played by our k3 children arrive and are getting settled when one of them pokes their neighboring angel and says "look it's Mary". It was too precious I hope I can always remember how sweet that moment was.