Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Walkabout Wednesday: Totals and Progress

I have done better about not only wearing my pedometer but actually remembering to record the results.  Yay for me!

February's final total was 93.8 miles.  As I said before, that is rather pathetic for a month of walking.

March was better with a total of 119.38, bringing the overall total to 2211.69.  That makes me happy!

I have said my farewells to Lake Mead and the Hoover Dam, left the Colorado River Basin and headed out through the desert.

At this point I am less focused on sight-seeing and more focused on making more progress toward New Zealand.  The detour up through the Grand Canyon, Lake Mead, and the Dam was huge.  I didn't realize how huge until I zoomed out on the map and pinpointed where I had been, where I went and where I am now.  I'm glad I made that detour, though.

I passed by Vegas (didn't see the point of stopping there; not my cup of tea) and turned south and west.  I walked through a portion of Joshua Tree National Park (more about that in a later post).  I'm now just east of the Salton Sea.  I plan to swing by The Slabs before turning more west and heading toward the ocean.  I think I'll just head west from here, instead of trying to "see" LA.  It's interesting with some interesting sights, I'm sure, but I think the beaches (which are really what I'm wanting to see) are probably just as pretty down toward San Diego.

Keep walking!

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