Friday, April 25, 2014


I read a book a number of years ago about the disciples after the ascension of Jesus.  A man who had not been a disciple was traveling with Justus Barsabbas (see Acts 1).  They were walking together and Justus Barsabbas was telling the other man about Jesus and all that had happened.  Finally the other man asked him, "Every time we come to the top of a hill you stop and search the sky.  Why do you do that?"
Justus replied, "Jesus left us and was taken up into the sky.  The angels promised He would come back.  I'm looking for Him!"

That is the attitude of eager expectation that I want to have every day.

Spend some time looking up today!

Gulf Shores, Alabama July 2011

Helen, Georgia July 2013

Blue Ridge, Georgia July 2013

Glover, Vermont October 2013

Home!  April 2014

Happy Friday!                               

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