Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Holy Week.  

It is a week of remembering prophecies that are fulfilled in the Messiah.  It is a week of remembering the promises that God has made to people.  Some of the promises, for those who are surrendered to Him, are pleasant to look at.  Other promises, for those who refuse to acknowledge Him, are terrifying. 

This week I am reading through the book of Isaiah.  There is a balance of the terror and the comfort in this book.  There are a lot of different names and descriptions of both God the Father and God the Son, my Messiah.  I would encourage you to read and find the ones that pierce your heart.

Here is the one that I found yesterday in Isaiah 33:6.  This one I think will stay with me the same way that the name I found for Jesus in Luke 1:78 has. 

The Stability of your times
Remember that when the world threatens to unbalance and undermine you.

His peace to your homes.

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