Monday, April 14, 2014

Food Preservation: Eggs

Oh boy, do I ever have eggs.  

I currently have eight Buff Orpingtons.  I'm not sure if the "Old Girl" ~ aka Penny Purdy ~ is laying but the other seven are. I also have eight White Leghorns.  They lay almost every day.

The other Leghorn is in the hen house laying an egg.  Of course.

My daily average is around a dozen eggs right now.  That's EVERY SINGLE DAY.  So even though I have several people with whom I share my eggs, periodically I get a little bit of a build-up in the refrigerator.

Just in case you are having trouble counting, that is thirteen dozen right there.  Ten days' worth.  AFTER I gave away three dozen yesterday (one box to a total stranger at Aldi's.  I was desperate).  I know the math doesn't add up, but there are days when I get a total of fifteen eggs. 

I know what to do with an excessive amount of beans, squash, cucumbers, peppers and tomatoes (and by the way Mr. Marvelous planted sixty tomato plants this past week.  Help!).

I'm big on preserving food, and I despise waste.  I don't mind spending several days a week in my canning kitchen.  But here's the problem.  Eggs really do not freeze well and you can forget about canning them.  My flyers are not getting me any egg-selling business.  What's a girl to do??

Then I had a brainstorm.  Why not bake up a dozen or so pound cakes and four or five fruit cakes (we like them, believe it or not).  They freeze well.  If the power goes out and we don't have a freezer for a few days they won't spoil.  I will always have something to pull out for company dessert.  While it will mean a little extra butter, cake flour, and whipping cream this month, I have enough stores in my home pantry that I can afford those extras.

Therefore, I hereby declare this week Official Pound Cake Week at the Akin Family Homestead.  We'll see if I can make a years' worth and get them in the freezer.

Come visit!

I'll add a piece of pound cake to the picture!

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