Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Kitchen Windows: April 4 and April 7 2014

I was invited to go on a trip last week to visit my parents.  When we got there, I discovered that Spring in lower South Carolina was two weeks ahead of Spring in central Alabama.  The pollen was awful but the sight of green trees and blooming flowers was worth it!

You can see the pollen all over the pool cover.  

I am my father's daughter; he keeps chickens too!

This guy was bashful

And that is the field that Jason was plowing all day; it's HUGE.

We came home to a shock.  Spring was NOT two weeks ahead in South Carolina.  Everything in Alabama turned green while we were gone.  It made for a beautiful trip back home....except in Atlanta where all you could see was a yellow fog of pollen.  To those of you in the Atlanta area, you have my sincere sympathy!

Hello, Spring!  Good to see you again.  We have missed you!

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