Friday, April 11, 2014

Happy Friday!

My son plays the bagpipes.  Have I mentioned that before?

Oh.  Well, he does, and he plays very well.

He also plays with a very good band, Palmetto Pipes and Drums in Columbia, South Carolina.

I have favorites in bagpipe music.  One of my favorites is a piece that he usually will not play for me.  He says that this is because it is NOT a solo piece, but a band piece.  I discovered that his band plays this particular piece.  In fact, the first time I ever heard this particular band in person (I think it was 2005), they were playing it.  It is one of their signature or go-to pieces.

Last week at Tartan Day South, the band performed my favorite.

After reviewing it with me Mr. Marvelous Jr requested that I not post it on the blog.

So instead I am posting here one of my other favorites.  It's their competition medley which includes Far O'er The Sea, Res Ipsa, and Wee Michael's March.  I love these pieces!  I especially love watching the drummers twirl their sticks through the music.

The people wandering around with paper and pencil are band members who will not be performing with the band at the next competition.  They do practice judging to help the band prepare for the upcoming competition.


Happy Friday!

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