Monday, April 07, 2014

Monday Morning Memories: The Big Trip

Once upon a time a five year old boy and his Mommy were looking at pictures of other countries.  They found a lot of pictures from London and both were enchanted by what they saw.

"What's that big tower, Mommy?"
"Why, that's Big Ben.  See the clock at the top?  It has bells that ring to tell people the hour.  During the war when the Nazis were bombing London, many buildings were destroyed but Big Ben survived and the people who live still get to listen to it every day"
"I want to hear Big Ben!"
"Me too, son!"

"What are those funny red things, Mommy?"
"Those are the double-decker buses!  You can ride in the 'downstairs' of the bus and stay out of the wind and rain, or you can ride the 'upstairs' of the bus and see everything"
"I want to ride the upstairs!"
"Me too, son!"

"What's that bridge?"
"Oh, that's London Bridge."
"Like, London Bridge is falling down?!"

"Mommy, I want to go to London and see Everything"
"Me too, son!"

The little boy and his Mommy talked about England and all the things that were there all afternoon.

That evening at bedtime, the little boy and his Mommy decided that they should go and visit London.  The Mommy told her little boy that maybe by the time he was 15 they could manage to make that trip. 

The next day the Mommy went to pick her son up at kindergarten.  The teacher came out to talk to the Mommy and asked her if the little boy was really not going to be in school the next week?  The Mommy assured the teacher that he would and asked why she was asking about it.

The teacher explained that when the little boy came to school that morning, he announced to the entire class that he and his Mommy were going on a trip next week to go see Big Ben in London.  His Daddy would stay home to take care of Grandma but the little boy and his Mommy would have a wonderful time and would bring everyone in class a post card.

He's almost 25 and we still haven't made that trip.  Maybe when he goes to the World Piping Competitions in Scotland one day he'll let me tag along.  Until then, we'll just enjoy our trips to Charleston.

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