Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Wednesday Prayers

Today we celebrate veterans.  Let's make this the main focus of our prayers today.  If you don't know a veteran, or a survivor of a veteran, here are some names for you to be praying over today from WWII to present day conflicts:

1.  Bill                                                               11. Ron
2.  Robert                                                         12. David
3.  Norman's family                                        13. Tracy
4.  Ralph                                                           14. Misty
5.  Pat                                                                15. Jeff
6.  Steve                                                            16. Jason
7.  Mack                                                            17. Jonathan
8.  Larry                                                            18. James
9.  Greg                                                             19. Nathan
10. Curt's family                                              20. Clint

Twenty names.  There are so very many more.  Pick one or two and pray for them through the day today.  Today if you are outside of your home at all, you are likely to see many men and women who have served.  Please thank them.  Please be bold and ask them if there are any particular things you may be praying about for them.  Please write those things down somewhere ~ or just their name ~ and remember them over this next year.  For those who went to war, there are images and wounds that will never completely heal.  Pray for courage to work through the trauma and to persevere.  Pray for grace, for mercy and for peace.  Pray for comfort.   Pray for compassion and understanding.  Pray that there will be Christians who will take time to listen and to have the simple ministry of presence for them.  Pray that they will draw closer and closer to God over this next year.

There are a couple of other things that I would ask you to pray over this week
  1. Brenda is having surgery on Friday.  Her new husband is scheduled to fly back home on Thursday.  Please pray that he will get home and pray for her surgery.
  2. This was chemo week for Nancy.  Please pray for her recovery
  3. Faith's platelets were too low for chemo this week.  Please continue to pray for this precious little girl.
  4. Remember your pastors and their families!!
Thank you so much for your service in this urgent work of prayer.  May all our prayers be accepted as a fragrant aroma, pleasing to God.

His peace to your hearts and homes.

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