Monday, November 30, 2015



The past few days with the dinos have been a time of exploration and broadening horizons.  They learned a lot ~ and got into a lot! ~ over the Thanksgiving weekend.

For instance, they discovered turkey

(they like it)

They discovered that Mama makes her own broth to can

and that "Safety Third" is not necessarily the best policy!

I informed them that we prefer turkey broth over dino broth.

They were relieved.

They finally got to be friends with the guardians.

They kind of got to be friends with the cats.

Kind of.

Since it was the end of the month and time to make menus for the next month, 
they picked out some of their favorite recipes,

and helped me with menu planning.

They wandered out onto the back porch where they found some things to play with.

 The observant one noticed something:

They had a little conference about what they discovered.

But in the end, they came to a consensus.
It was time.

They found a window,

and they slipped out.

I managed to catch a few glimpses of them playing on the porch.

They stayed around for a few more minutes,
but then they were off.

I wondered if they would ever be back??
"Don't worry",
he whispered.

"We left you a little something for next year!"

Oh my!

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