Monday, November 23, 2015

Dinosaurs Day 23

Mr. Marvelous and I share a car.  Granted, we also have Mama's Little Red(neck) Truck, but Mr. Marvelous worries about me taking it on trips of more than about 10 miles.  Since we live more than 10 miles from the Big Town, that means that when I need to go shopping, or doctoring, or visiting, I take Mr. Marvelous to work and then go do whatever needs to be done before picking him back up in the afternoon.

This morning I have a doctor's appointment, so I dropped him off and work and went to Chick Fil A.  This is where I hang out and drink coffee until things open up. 

I carried my backpack and purse in, ordered my coffee and sat down in "my" booth.  Guess what I found when I opened my backpack?!

I guess they were tired of hanging out with the cats and the Guardian Gnomes.

Or they were tired of having to clean up their messes.

Oh, those dinos!

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