Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Sam's Shenanigans

It has been so long since I posted about one of my gnomes that you may not remember Sam (so named because he has that nifty little spade). 

Let me catch you up on all that Sam was up to in September and early October.  You may remember that Sam went with us to the Highland Games at Boone Hall Plantation in Charleston, and the drummers were quite taken with him.

They even offered some lessons!

Sam enjoyed his time there.  He got to meet my parents little Westie, Toby

 It took them a little time to get comfortable with each other but they are friends now.

While we were there, Mr. Marvelous came over for some vacation time.  We took Sam with us to the beach.  The three of us have a new favorite restaurant there. 

They have great coffee, 
 and an omelette so good that Sam cleaned his plate before I could take a picture of it.

We decided that Eggs Up Grill is a Can't-Miss kind of place.

Sam LOVED the beach.  He got busy with his little spade and got quite a bit of digging done.

He was curious about the gnome who dug this up and what kind of spade was used in the process:

So I read him Genesis 1 that evening.

He was rather impressed with the power of the ocean

It quite literally knocked him over!

We decided it would be safer for him to paddle in the tidal pool.

He did try to doggnome-paddle,

but we made quite sure he had a life-guard present when he did.

After all that time in the water he was ready to work on his tan.

And at the end of the day he was more than ready to go back to the house

After a refreshing stay at the beach, we went back to visit my parents for a few more days.  My Dad had been in touch with their favorite apple orchard in Hendersonville, NC, so we all piled in the car and drove to the mountains.  Lucky Sam; mountains and beach in one week!

Nothing beats a North Carolina apple; they are treasures in our family.  
Which is why Sam is guarding them so diligently.

It was nice to take the trip and get to see the mountains, but it was a quick day-trip as Dad had plenty to do back home, Mr. Marvelous had to get ready to go back to Alabama, and Mom and I had to get ready for our big walkabout to Seattle.  We did manage to work in a few last-minute errands.

Flowers DeLinda's in Manning, South Carolina (before the flood).
One of my favorite places.
Sam's too!

After that jaunt it was time to go home and get packed.  

 Sam went in the checked suitcase.  The note reads:

This is Sam (because he has that nifty little spade).
Sam and his buddy Jack South take turns traveling with me.  
I take pictures for my blog and people I know get to enjoy our travels.
I put Sam in here because I was afraid the folks checking carry-on bags
might not appreciate his charms.  I hope you do!
Thank you for allowing him through!"
Sam was not thrilled about riding in the suitcase, but after I explained to him about security checks he agreed.  There may or may not have been a little something to help him sleep.

Check in next week and I will give you the update on our Seattle walkabout.  Sam had a narrow escape with some school children at the Seattle aquarium!

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