Thursday, November 19, 2015

Homestead Update

It was a busy week last week.  I had decided earlier in the month to skip fall housecleaning.  I changed my mind.

Often, Mr. Marvelous is less than enthusiastic about seasonal cleaning.  That does not bother me, because the reason he is not enthusiastic is because he worries that I am doing too much.  It is his sweet expression of concern for me.  I have learned over the years to stop being irritated about his lack of excitement and appreciate the concern.  He has learned to curb his worry.

So around the homestead, the fall house cleaning ~ with the help of the dinosaurs! ~ is finished.
The garden is finished for the year.
We are waiting to see if Curious George will have baby bunnies next week and then breed Woolly Booger and Smoochie.
The chickens are laying ~ even the little hens.
Mr. Marvelous is having fun getting ready to garden.  He has cleaned up his part of the basement (he does fall housecleaning too) and started ordering seeds.
My friend and I are learning some new homesteading skills and having fun making mozzarella and cream cheese (I may have to try some brie soon, Laura!).

Sometimes it is important when the work is done, to stop and have some fellowship and fun.  So I decided to host a craft party.  I would call it a Sit & Stitch, but some folks do other types of crafts.  The ladies gathered and we had a wonderful time of fellowship, introduction to new crafts, and time to be crafty.  I am hoping to start doing this monthly (I would love to do it weekly, but schedules....).  If you enjoy time with ladies and time to craft, feel free to come join us some Saturday.  If you don't have a craft, we have plenty we would love to teach and share with you!

Lots of laughter, lots of learning, lots of fun, and lots of girl-time!

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