Friday, November 13, 2015

Dinovember Day Thirteen

Before I tell you about the dinos today I have to confess that all I can think today is that wonderful line from a wonderful movie:

"On go".
"Not on go, it's always go"
"Alright then, triskaidekaphobia"

And then I want to run jump on the bed.

But don't tell the dinos.

The dinos have had a busy week.  They have gotten into trouble, made messes, and suffered impressment to clean up said messes.  I thought today we might do something a little different.

After we got Mr. Marvelous out the door and off to work (because what he doesn't know won't hurt us), I loaded up Mama's Little Red(neck) Truck, and off we went. 

Fortunately Lisa and Luke at Green Up Garden Shop know me pretty well by now.  When I pull up and say, "I brought the dinos!", they laugh and tell me to make myself at home.

So we did.

At Green Up Garden Shop there's treasures everywhere.

They liked the brontosaurus squash
(upper left corner) 

They discovered that with just a little teamwork, even dinos can ride the giant tricycle.

They enjoyed a little climbing

until the wind started blowing.

Then they were hanging on by their teeth!

Unfortunately that did not deter them from more climbing.

Which did not end well:

They tried to blame it on the wind.
I'm not buying it.

They have learned this week that Mama demands they clean up their own messes.

Apparently they have also picked up some teamwork lessons.
Or most of them have.

They found some remnants of the pumpkin patch.

And I decided that perhaps we needed to go before they did any more damage.

Before we left, we took a minute to go sit on the front porch and visit.

 My friend Eddie wasn't too sure about them at first.

 They came to a peaceful understanding before we left.

Eddie's friend Baby-Girl was playing hard to get!

I hope they are ready for a nap now.
I have housework to do!

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