Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Sam's Shenanigans in Seattle

Remember Sam (who has the nifty little spade)?

After our trip to the beach and the mountains, we packed up and went with Mom to spend a week in Seattle with my middle sister and her family
I have seen the Pacific Ocean from San Diego, but I had never been to Seattle, and honestly did not think it would ever really truly happen. 

I had never seen my sister's home, the church her husband pastors, the college where she teaches, the hospital where she works, the places she loves to visit.  I had not even gotten to meet my nephew Max (who married our Laura)! 

We took care of correcting all those deficiencies in one week.  Fortunately my sister grew up with me; she already knew I was more than a little quirky so Sam didn't throw her for a loop (much).

What a week we had.  We arrived on Friday night and got a good night's rest.  Although this country mouse found the noise of the city and the lack of crowing roosters a little disconcerting.

Saturday we drove into Seattle proper and went to Max and Laura's apartment. 

I finally got to meet Max!
He is every bit as sweet as he is handsome.
Miss Mrs. Laura found a wonderful husband.

We took a walk through Max and Laura's neighborhood.

We got there just the right time of year for the fall colors.

Lovely houses are everywhere in this area

I am fascinated by how folks here use the small spaces.  Many of the homes had this kind of little garden between the sidewalk and the curb.

It was a rare sunny day in Seattle.
 Sam didn't mind too much being "tweaked" by Max.

 For a couple who courted in Paris it seems appropriate to find chestnuts in their neighborhood.

I am impressed with the gardening skills of these folks.

Sam enjoyed an introduction to curry at an Indian restaurant.

Then we took him to a park so he could walk climb it off.

Sam can be such a show-off!

He was perfectly safe.
Max was watching out for him.

Sam thought the ducks would make great friends.

He was disappointed to discovered that ducks can be a bit stand-offish.

We saw several kayakers from the University trying to make their way through here. 

I fell in love with this view.

Next week we will tell you about a sail, a trip to Snohomish, and our visit to the Aquarium, where there was an aborted kidnapping attempt.  Fortunately thanks to some school chaperones, Sam was recovered without a ransom or FGI (Federal Gnome Investigation) intervention.  It was a close call!

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