Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Dinosaurs In BIG Trouble

I have had my good old TI-31 calculator since 1981 when I took Statistics.  I loved that class, by the way.  That calculator has gone everywhere with me since then.  It has survived 18 moves.  It survived the Junior High students I taught for two years.  It weathered a baby/toddler/little guy/Jr. High student/Senior High son.  It has kept my family finances in order.  I have tried other newer calculators, but they are not laid out "right", they don't have the "right" functions, the keys don't work "right" and they just don't feel "right".

Unfortunately I did not keep the door to the office shut one day last week.

The dinosaurs made their way in and trusty TI-31.

They tried to tell me that they had heard me fretting about it not working as well lately.

They said they wanted to be helpful and fix it for me.

They are in trouble.

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