Wednesday, November 04, 2015


I have been watching friends with young children enjoy Dinovember for several years.  I am completely taken with this trend.  While I have no young children still at home, no grandchildren in and out of the house, I am surrendering to the sound of inevitability.  I found a great bargain on plastic dinos at Walmart the other day and brought home some new friends.

I warned them about the cats.  Junior's cat still lives with us and her looks are deceiving.  She looks sweet and fluffy and cuddly.  She is not.  We all have scars from this beast.  Mr. Marvelous wears his old bee-keeping gloves before trying to brush her and still walks away bloody. 

 The dinos were not the least bit intimidated.

That is, until one of them caught sight of the guardians
"Uh, y'all....hey....guys?....."

Don't worry, dinos.  I think Jack and Sam were a little amused at your reaction themselves.

Stick around.  I'm planning to do my regular posts this month and add a second post celebrating #Dinovember.  

Join us in a little extra silliness this month!

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