Monday, November 09, 2015

Monday Memories

Nancy and I went to Christmas Village at the BJCC again this year and as usual, had a great time.  After all the events of the past couple of years, we consider making it to one more Christmas Village a special little gift from God.  I had so much fun that I took a new friend with me the next day.

It was jam-packed this year, with over 700 vendors.  Nancy said she thought that last year was only about 600.  Last year we said that it seemed like the vendors had the same things they had been featuring for a couple of years.  Not this year!  There were all kinds of new things and new vendors.  After being a vendor in a couple of craft shows, I appreciated the long hours put into creating new things.  

I took my camera again this year, but left it in my bag while we shopped.  I decided to focus on just a couple of vendors this year instead of a dozen.  We wandered (and shopped for a new baby who is scheduled to make his appearance in the Spring!), tasted, visited, and enjoyed the experience for several hours the first day.  I knew that I would find just the right one or two vendors to tell you about and I did. 

I noticed the art of Don Stewart on the first day, but his booth was rather busy and I did not get to really look at what he has.  The next day his booth was slow when we walked by, so I took advantage of the lull to examine his art.  He came over and explained a couple of the prints to me and was gratified at how hard I laughed.  This artist feeds my kind of humor.  While Mr. Marvelous would say that is not necessarily a good thing, I have plenty of people who laugh right along with me, thank you very much.

Isn't it sad that there are people who can't appreciate a good pun?

Dr. Stewart gave me permission to wander through his online gallery and share some of his art with you.  Here are some of my favorites.  The prices are reasonable, so if you have someone on your Christmas list who appreciates good art and good puns wander over and see what you can find.

(This is the one that had me laughing so hard)

Golf Bag


(sorry Son, but I enjoy this one)
Bag Pipes 

 The titles are linked to the web page, so go enjoy a virtual tour of these and his other works.

I hope it makes you laugh as much as I did!

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