Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Wednesday Prayers

This week I am aware of a great need in our prayer life.  That is the need to pray for churches.  My father has been a pastor for over sixty years.  Because of his long experience and his great compassion and wisdom he is often called by troubled churches and asked for help.  I have recognized this week that even the "best" churches are one mis-step away from fracturing and falling.  It seems that the churches that are not in danger of this kind of spiritual attack are the ones who are not preaching and teaching the Word of God. 

As members of these churches, we have a tremendous responsibility to pray over our Preachers, our teachers, and our leaders.  Pray that God will guide them, encourage them, and correct them.  Be bold to pray the risky prayer that the church would be a reflection of the true nature of God.  Recognize that this prayer will lead to great spiritual battle.  Be aware that this battle must begin on our knees in our prayer-room.  Be willing to devote time to pray for your church.  Be willing to even drive to the church on a day other than Sunday or Wednesday and pray over the church.  Pray that God's Light and Truth would shine.  Pray that God will be glorified in the church. 

My Father reminded me this week that Jesus prayed that God would be glorified in His (Jesus') work.  That was the prayer He prayed just before going to the cross and being crucified.  So pray that God will be glorified in our churches and be aware that this may come with a great price.  Have the attitude that God's glory is worth any price we may have to pay.  Be aware that any price we may have to pay will be nothing compared to the price that Jesus has already paid.

There are many other needs floating around, all of them important.  Some of these needs are critical.  But this week, as you cover the critical needs of which you are aware, please be diligent to pray for your church, and for the church at large.  Pray for God's church in America, pray for God's church in Korea, pray for God's church in Peru, pray for God's church in the Middle East, Pray for God's church in the Sudan.  Pray for God's church.

His peace to your hearts and homes.

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Pat Sparks said...

Wise advice friend!