Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Tuesday Update

The last nine days have been a little chaotic.  My oldest nephew's son is in the hospital and is a very sick little boy.  Miles has viral encephalitis and meningitis and after nine days the doctors are still confounded as to the exact cause and the particular virus that is causing this.  It has been a difficult and ~ I must confess ~ anxious time for all of us.  We are helped and encouraged by the many prayers being offered for this little one.  It seems that every time I start to yield to fear and anxiety a friend sends me a verse of encouragement or reminds me that they are praying for all of our family.  My brothers and sisters and I are close; our hurts and joys are shared.  This young man's Nana is my oldest sister and she has always been generous to share her children and grandchildren with me.

Today Jack South and I will be spending a part of the day with Miles' little sister.  I'm planning on some errands, perhaps a trip to a park, and definitely some bubbles!  Perhaps the Princess can help Jack find a suitable wife.  I will be sure to post pictures of our time together on Thursday, and the Wednesday prayer meeting will go up as usual. 

There may be days over the rest of this month where my regular Monday through Friday blog posts are missing.  I will try to keep you updated about Miles' progress as we go along.  We anticipate another 14-21 days in the hospital for him. As you think of him today, please pray.  He is having to have several unpleasant procedures.

Thank you.

                          God's peace to your homes.

  and Alayna

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