Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Homestead Update

We had a good year on our little hill.  Lots of rain, lots of sunshine, and fairly moderate temperatures (we slept with windows open and fans blowing for most of the month of August ~ August!).

Things are winding down now and unless we can find some seed potatoes, we may not do much of a fall garden this year.  The Pepper Plantation however is still going strong!

Sometimes Mr. Marvelous goes out and picks one and cuts a tiny little piece to try.  I sit and watch his face turn red and sweat pop out when he does.  We are still waiting for them to turn red, because we understand that they get even hotter when that happens.  I won't even touch them!

The artichokes are hanging in there and I am hoping for fresh artichokes to feast on next year.

I found these in the woods this week.  I wish I knew enough to know if they are safe to eat, but since I am ignorant I am leaving them alone.

We will be breeding rabbits soon, and I will have baby bunny pictures for you to enjoy sometime in October, I hope. 

The chickens are laying like crazy to make up for their lazy summer.

And then there's our roosters.  Poor things.  They are beautiful to look at but their sound is less than melodious.  It's downright funny! 

This is Neo (yes, as a matter of fact, we were re-watching The Matrix just before we named him!).
He tries so hard to get it just right:

And this little guy is Screech.  Bless his heart!  Neo tries to tutor him on the finer points of crowing ~ not that Neo is that great of a tutor.

Poor little Screech!

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