Friday, September 11, 2015

Friday, September 11 2015

There are so many memories that surround this date.  We all have our own set of them; the confusion, the horror, the panic, the immediate need to contact loved ones and just be sure that they are all alright (whether they were in New York or Mississippi).  I could write several paragraphs about the experiences of myself and my family. 

Instead I am going to give you my strongest lasting impression of the day and ask you one question.

The one impression that has stayed with me is the image of the first responders who rushed in to danger in order to rescue as many people as they possibly could.  The fire-fighters and the policemen in New York, the Marines at the Pentagon, and the civilians rushing the cockpit of a plane flying through Pennsylvania in order to stop the terrorists from hitting another unsuspecting target.  That is what I remember every time I see a fire-fighter, a policeman, or a member of our military.  That is why I thank them for their service every time I see them, often with tears in my eyes.

Where is your comfort and hope?  Is it in the work of these heroes?  Your financial portfolio?  Your skill as a "prepper"?  Your love for your family?  The skill and ability of doctors and nurses when your family are ill? 

Where is your hope today?

May God's grace, mercy and peace fill your heart and your home as you remember the day today.

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