Thursday, September 10, 2015

Jack's Date

Jack had a date with a Princess on Tuesday and I went along to chauffeur.  We had a lovely time with a young lady whom I love dearly.   We had a busy day; Jack was not ready when I had to go get her, so after picking up his date, we had to come back up to our house to pick up Jack.

We admired the chickens...

 ...and the bunnies...

...and then came in to get Jack.

While we were at the house, our neighbors called and needed to bring us something.  They were delighted to get to meet the Princess.  We were talking when the neighbors pager went off ~ he is the local fire chief ~ so they had to rush off to help some hurt people.  After they left, the Princess and I prayed for the hurt people and for the rescuers who were helping them.

We left the house and went to the drugstore in Leeds to get Auntie 'Ginia's medicine.  Mr. Kyle works at the drugstore and when he found out that the Princess was looking for bubbles, he kindly found us some.  We also found some sticker books!

We decided to go to Miss Lisa's shop after that to see all her pretty flowers.  I informed the Princess that Miss Lisa has a puppy named Eddie, so we stopped at the grocery store to get some treats for Eddie.

The princess and Jack were so happy to meet Miss Lisa.  Eddie was not there that day, but we gave Miss Lisa two treats for him (not three; two) (because the Princess says so).  Miss Lisa is a fan of Jack's and we had talked about letting him have a day to wander around her shop.  Jack said it was a lot more fun to do that on a date with the Princess!

Sometimes Jack is silly and the Princess has to giggle.


Miss Lisa can show you all kinds of wonderful things about plants and gardens.  AND she likes to play with dirt!! 

Miss Lisa has a big frog by her gate.

The frog suggested to the Princess that she kiss him and see if he would turn into a Prince.  The Princess thought that was kind of gross.

Being a Princess, she politely explained that she already has a Daddy, a brother, AND Jack.
Her Prince quotient is pretty full right now!

After we left Miss Lisa's shop, the Princess was starting to feel ready for some dessert (we had elevenses before we left my house).  After much discussion about the virtues of ice cream, cup-cakes and doughnuts, we decided that a pink doughnut would be the best choice for the date.  On our way to the doughnut shop we drove by Uncle Marvelous' office, so we rode up to the circle by the front door and waved to his window (I think).

Ah, the doughnut shop!  What a wonderful place!!  The princess asked Jack to stay in the car and guard our treasures and she and I went in to have a treat.  A picture was made, but the Princess asked me not to put it up here as her mouth was quite full when I snapped it.

As we were leaving the doughnut shop, we looked over and saw a BIG DOG in the back of a pick-up truck.  We all laughed at the BIG DOG.  Then the Princess remembered that she still had some treats for dogs.  We found the nice man who owned the BIG DOG and gave him two treats (not three, two) (because the Princess says so).  The man was so nice that he took us over to share the treats with the BIG DOG.  Then he had the BIG DOG sing a song for the Princess!  As we left, I mentioned that the Princess was with me so that her Mommy and Daddy could be with her big brother.  The nice man said that he would pray for the Princess' brother.  Wasn't that nice?!

We went to Nana's house after that.  Jack and the Princess were both more than ready for a little down-time by that point.  Nana's house is a wonderful place.  We found juice.  Nana has a spare pacifier and the Princess was quite ready for that by then too.  Nana has Mac & Cheese in her cupboard!!  After a snack

and some snuggles,

Jack and the Princess decided it was time to go blow bubbles.



 I promise we rinsed off the porch after that so Nana wouldn't slip and fall!

We played with the sticker books.

The Princess is magic.  She turned part of Nana's kitchen into the ocean and took Jack swimming.

Jack was pretty tired after that.  The Princess did NOT need a nap (in her opinion), but she did make sure that Jack got some rest.

I think the Princess and Jack had a good time.

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