Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Wednesday Prayers

Good morning Prayer Warriors, and thank you for your faithfulness in the work of prayer!

This week let's remember to be thanking God for the following:
  1. The men's Tres Dias weekend was powerful and eventful as I understand.  Thank you for helping with this.
  2. Miles is at home and continues to improve.  
  3. Chris is doing well with his new LVAD and is well enough to be being evaluated to go back on the transplant list
  4. Faith's tumor has shrunk!
Please remember the following this week:
  1. Brenda goes on Thursday to find out about her surgery
  2. Tiffany is having complications from a bone-marrow transplant 
  3. Please continue to pray for Miles as he continues to heal
  4. Mr. Marvelous Jr. and I will be out of town this weekend.  Please pray for our travel and pray for our time with my parents
  5. Please particularly remember Meaghan's family this weekend as we remember her life and grieve her death.
God's peace to your hearts and homes.

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