Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Wednesday Prayers

Good morning, Prayer Warriors!  Thank you so much for your continued faithfulness.  The work of prayer is receiving a lot of attention lately, thanks to the movie The War Room.  With all the traveling lately I still have not been able to see the movie, but I am looking forward to it.  It is interesting to me to see God's people busy helping people they have never met.  Won't it be wonderful in heaven to meet these people?  "Oh I remember you!  I prayed for you for days/weeks/months/years!"  What a blessed and joyful meeting that will be!

Thank you for your prayers for God's churches.  I urge you to continue daily in this crucial work.
Other prayer needs this week include the following:
  1.  Rejoice with us that Nancy gets the month of October as a "vacation" from chemo!  Pray that it will be a good, strong month for her and a time of joy and strength.
  2. Elise has a cardiology appointment coming up to determine the cause of her profound fatigue.  Please pray for this young girl; pray that the doctor's may find what is going on, pray for peace for her Mama and Daddy and Grandparents as they wait.
  3. Connie and Tara are dealing with a difficult diagnosis of an auto-immune disease.
  4. Mark (not my Mr. Marvelous but my friend's Mr. Marvelous) has been having some problems with atrial fibrillation.  Please keep he and his family in your prayers.
  5. As you are out and about today, notice the people around you.  The cashier at Walmart who is tired and having a difficult day.  The receptionist at the office who is on her last ounce of strength.  The mother with the young children at the fast-food place who is just barely keeping it together.  The angry person in the car next to you who is yelling on the phone.  PRAY for these people.  Pray that God would draw them closer to Himself.  Pray that His peace would invade their hearts.  Pray for strength to keep on going.  Pray for comfort.  Pray for wisdom.  Pray as the Spirit guides you.  You might even let them know that you are praying for them.

Sunday I had the opportunity to hear my brother in law preach.  As he was teaching Sunday evening, he was talking about how the goodness of God is always revealed in all parts of His character.  Sometimes at first glance, it does not seem as though a description of God's character is good.  For example, go re-read Psalm 78.  There are some seemingly harsh descriptions of God in this chapter alone.  Consider that God will not allow evil to continue unchecked.  Rejoice in the fact that His anger is directed toward His enemies and that this is a protection for His people!  He will not allow evil to freely inflict or destroy His faithful remnant.  His anger is a part of His character.  His faithful love and mercy is also a part of His character. 

May He protect us from over-emphasizing just one facet of who He truly is. 

May we seek to know His fullness.

His peace to your hearts and homes.

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