Thursday, September 17, 2015

Another Big Walkabout

Yup, I'm off once again! 

Tomorrow Jr. and I are headed to South Carolina.  He will spend Saturday at Boone's Hall Plantation outside of Charleston playing with Palmetto Pipes and Drums.  Check it out if you are in the area.  Just remember, instead of hollering, "Play Freebird, Man!"  you should call, "Oy!  A bit of Steam Train if you please!".  (Junior may have words with me for that)

Junior will then head back to life in Birmingham and I will stay for a visit with my parents.  Mr. Marvelous will join us the next weekend, and there might be a trip to the beach in our future. 

Then comes October 2.  A month or so ago, my Dad called and said that my middle sister wanted he and Mom to come to Seattle for a visit.  Unfortunately, Dad's schedule of regular preaching and several Bible Conferences will not let him get away before May or so of next year.  He wondered if I would like to join Mom and go with her as her travel companion to Seattle and Everett? 

You know me, I am always ready for an adventure!  Another trip with Mom?  You betcha!  We thought it best to ditch the train idea.  If we left from Florence, SC on a Friday morning, we would get to DC that evening.  On Saturday we could go to Chicago.  Sunday we would leave Chicago for Seattle and get there Wednesday morning.  While I love the train and would not really mind being on one that long and getting to see so much of the country, this trip is more about being with my sister and less about the getting there.  So we are going to (gulp) fly this time.  Five days on the train vs. five hours in the air?  Yes, the plane does make better sense.  But don't worry; when we fly back to Charlotte the next week, the plan is for me to hop on the train and come back to Alabama that way.

I will be taking loads of pictures.  I will be walking a lot.  I have the pedometer active again, (and I'm hoping it doesn't conk out on me again), so perhaps I will make a little more progress through the Pacific Ocean.  Next week I will introduce you to the companion who will be going with me.  No, it's not Jack this time.  Jack is a little burned out on travel and asked if he could stay here to help Mr. Marvelous and watch over the animals.  Since planes have pretty strict weight limits, I agreed to that.

I'll be scurrying around the house today, finishing last-minute chores and packing my bags.  Tomorrow Jr. and I will head out hoping to squeak through Atlanta in between rush-hours. 


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