Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Walkabout Wednesday

Meanwhile, somewhere out in the middle of the (semi)Northern Pacific....

September was a fair month for accruing miles.  My total for the month was one hundred twenty-nine and two one-hundredths miles.  That's 129.02 if you prefer digits over words.  That makes my total for the trip two thousand nine hundred three and thirty-six one hundredths miles.  Again, if you prefer digits over words, that makes 2903.36.  That means that if I keep track of things through October I should hit the three thousand mile mark.  Do you think I am happy about that??

The happy hat and the dance of joy

Remember that this is a "virtual" trip.  So while my steps are mostly happening in and around the homestead, we are pretending that I am making progress toward New Zealand. 

I am now 567.02 miles off the coast of California.  I am as far from California as Port Arthur, Texas was from where I started.  Realizing that gave me a little much-needed encouragement.

While walking through the waves, I spotted a drone...

 ...a cruise ship carrying Joe Tourist

Sailing out to Hawaii can be amazingly relaxing
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....and a number of overly-friendly fish

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Given the time of year, I missed some of the prestigious yacht races.  Probably just as well; I doubt they would be terribly impressed with my Country Girl Couture!

What do you think; will I make Hawaii and Gardenias For Breakfast by my birthday in eight months?

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