Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Further Adventures of Jack South

Jack has been settling in and getting used to his new home over the past couple of weeks.

On days when I go to town, he keeps an eye on the kitchen and protects it from hungry gremlins. 

I keep hoping that eventually he will learn to wash dishes.  I tell him that it would be nice to come home to a clean kitchen.  He mutters something irrelevant about not leaving until the kitchen is clean.  Crazy Jack!

He also keeps an eye on the cats while they hog the bed.  Perhaps he is protecting them from bad dreams?

Or maybe he is just there to moderate the inevitable fights.

He assisted Mr. Marvelous in turning the back porches into greenhouses.  Turns out he likes fresh lettuce in the winter as much as we do.

I'm thinking about taking him to the Y with me sometime soon.

I promise he will wear his seat belt

                           and ride in the back seat                              

I just hope we don't have to worry about a booster seat!

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