Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Jack South

Last week I told you about our trip to South Carolina

Jack enjoyed the trip back home as much as the trip over.  In fact, I think it is safe to say that he enjoyed the trip back even more.  Probably because he got more attention.

We stopped at the rest stop just over the line from South Carolina into Georgia.  I walked into the Welcome Station and introduced Jack to the young lady who was working there.  She was so impressed with Jack that she volunteered to hold him for a picture with the Georgia Peach!

I still can't decide if it was because she was captivated by Jack's charms...
...or afraid of the crazy lady he was traveling with.

Jack was quite comfortable at the welcome station

The best rest areas have rocking chairs.
...because it is the home of the Masters' Gold Tournament, that's why.

The next stop was at the home of my dear friend Susan and her family.  Susan's Mr. Marvelous is a gardener just like mine.  Except mine grows vegetables and hers grows everything else.

Jack was disappointed that we did not have a picnic.
It was a little too cool.
Jack says he is the one who is too cool!

Jack also met my friends' cats.

He wasn't afraid...
...just cautious.

We did not stay as long as I would have liked.  If we had, I would still be there.  (as long as Mr. Marvelous were there too).

We left on a Saturday and headed back toward Alabama.  

Every time I drive through Atlanta with Mr. Marvelous, or even with Mr. Marvelous, Jr., I always bug/beg them to make just one extra stop.  I promise I would not be more than an hour or three.  Maybe six. 

They always roll their eyes and keep driving along I-20.  

This time it was just me and Jack.  Guess what?!

 I sent these two pictures to the marvelous ones. 

 They tried to pretend that they were not consumed with envy.

We were disappointed to find them closed.  We had hoped to at least get onto the Dahlonega Mine Train and maybe even the Scream Machine.  Maybe next time.

We left our happy place and kept on driving toward home.

Before long, we came to this.

You bet we do!  Jack does too.

Personally I thought he was a little old for this pose but he insisted.

In the south, if the temperature drops into the 50's a fire is a necessity.

And before too much longer, we were home.

Jack is excited about Thanksgiving.  He is looking forward to learning about not only the holiday, but the traditions behind it.  He has big plans so stay tuned!

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