Friday, November 21, 2014



It is one of my favorite weekends of the year.  In just two days I get to attend Handel's Messiah.

The Alabama Civic Chorale will do this for the 67th consecutive year.  It is the second longest running performance in the United States (the Handel + Haydn Society of Boston ~ of course! ~ holds the record having started in 1853).

Bebe Clark Kok continues the tradition that her parents began in 1947.

I began my personal tradition of attending after we moved to Alabama in 2008.  When I discovered that this free performance is available to "whosoever will", I was hooked.  I wrote about my first visit here and a couple of years later here

Sometimes other people go with me (Mr. Marvelous, Jr., my friend Bobbie and my friend Beth have all accompanied me).  Sometimes I go by myself.  I always take my own copy of the music.

Every single time they get to the Hallelujah chorus I try to sing with them.  After a few notes I can not sing any more.  The tears start flowing and I am too caught up in the glory of the music to do anything more than breathe.  I have to remind myself to do that.

Thank you, Alabama Civic Chorale.

Thank you, Mrs. Kok.

Thank you! 

I'm looking forward to being with you once again.

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