Thursday, November 06, 2014

Finishing Up The Garden

The garden is almost done for the year. 

There are a just a few tomatoes left on the vines in the back.  

 Mr. Marvelous put the hoop-house/green-house over the volunteer tomato plant.  We will try to baby it through the winter (that's quite an experiment!). 

And the rosemary.

Everything else is done for the year and the garden out back is looking a little sad and pathetic.

We had hoped to have a fall garden and dreamed of potatoes, broccoli, cabbage, but other things became more important so we scrapped those plans for this year.

Mr. Marvelous is already dreaming about next years' garden.  We have set stages:
  1. dreaming
  2. cleaning
  3. planning
  4. preparing
  5. planting
The cleaning up from last year has to happen first.  A few weeks ago we were in the basement changing things from this:

 To this:

Yes Ma'am, those pots and that dirt are reusable!

The cleaning is done and the dreaming has begun.  Mr. Marvelous has already put an order in to Totally Tomatoes and they filled it as quickly as they always do (much better than a bathing suit from China!).  He has started browsing through the left-over seed.  We have plastic to turn the back porches into a winter green-house this year; that should be fun.  Fresh lettuce in December perhaps?

I'm betting that he will be ordering seeds within the next week or two.  

The gloom of the early sunset we have in November and December will find us busy in the basement, happily getting ready for next years' garden.  I'll keep you posted.

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