Monday, November 17, 2014

Christmas Village Part III

I love all kinds of fiber arts.  I have wanted to learn to spin ever since I read Sleeping Beauty.  I haven't tried it yet because I neither knit nor crochet, so I'm not at all sure what I would do with the yarn after spinning it.  Still, every time I see a spinning wheel I want to give it a try.

Another new vendor at the Christmas Village this year was Humming Star Alpacas.  Wouldn't it be fun to raise alpacas?  Andy and Cheryl Bowen live in Silverhill, Alabama and currently have 10 female and 6 male alpacas.  They use their wool to make socks, dryer balls and birds' nest bags.  They will be having a Family Farm Day this coming Saturday, November 22 if you are down that way.  I did not get pictures of their booth, but their website is here and there are lots of lovely photos on that page.

The EZ Vane company makes all kinds of weather vanes.  These are not poor quality imports but are crafted in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  The owners have been working hard this past year to have an inventory; here are just a couple of pictures of what they had on hand.  Their website here has even more (and I have to admit, better) pictures.

Next up; my dress goes back for its annual visit to the ladies who made it.  And finally, I met the lady who I'm pretty sure was a Christmas Elf in disguise.  You won't believe the little machines she has created!

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