Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Jack South

Jack had a lot of adventures in South Carolina before coming to Alabama.

He did not know that the humans were protected by the urRu/Mystics.

They did their job well; there were no Skeksis anywhere.

They humans had a large body of water.  Jack figured it must be the sea.  
He thought about taking a dip, but he had been taught never to go in the water without a life-guard around.

It was a little chilly, too, so he decided to warm up by the fireplace.

Clearly, Jack needs to work on his prepositions!

Jack tried out a guava fruit.

He prefers guava jelly.

Being the helpful kind of guy he is, he watered some of the plants for the humans.

He says that he did the household sweeping and mopping too.  

I was skeptical, but the floors did look shiny.

After all that work, he took a break.

I think he earned it.  

Stay tuned for Jack Goes To Alabama.

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