Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Adventures of Jack South

Last week Jack South accompanied me back to South Carolina for a visit.  Even though he had to ride in the back seat (he's too short for the front), he is good company.

We stopped at a rest stop

 where we enjoyed the leaves

There were two young princesses there who were quite taken with Jack. 

We had a busy and productive time while we were in South Carolina.  My father planted some guava bushes a year or two ago and they had a bumper crop of guavas this year. 

Mom says they got one hundred and one ~ she didn't count the last three I picked up. 

That made 16 half-pints of jelly.  I think Mom is set for a while.

Jack likes guava jelly!

We also went to visit the ladies at the Cut-N-Up Hair Salon.  Mary and Lynn are sisters who grew up near my parents.  They are remarkable ladies!  I still remember when Mary would come to my house to cut my hair for me because I was too sick to get into town.  They have shared not only their skills, but their babies children and their sweet spirits with my family for many years.  I'm convinced that the song Angie's Chair was written as a tribute to these ladies!

Jack fully agrees with this!

We had a wonderful time visiting with these ladies and with my parents.  I didn't get to spend as much time as I wanted, or see all the people I wanted to see.  But as my mother says, that just makes us look forward to heaven that much more!

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