Thursday, November 20, 2014

Gardening In Winter

Winter has hit Alabama this past week.

Remember those tomatoes we were hoping to baby through the winter in the hoop house?


They froze.
 Oh well.

For a few years Mr. Marvelous has been trying to persuade me to agree to put plastic up on some of the windows and perhaps even around the back porches.  I was less than enthusiastic.  

Until I started worrying about the rosemary.

I had an idea.  Mr. Marvelous could build out a window ledge from the kitchen window that looks out onto the back porch.  Kind of a miniature bay window.  Then he could glass that in, add shelves, maybe put a grow-light under one of the shelves for the plants on the bottom shelf, and then I could have an herb box year-round!  Doesn't that sound like the perfect idea??!!

I still can't figure out why he was laughing so hard when I was trying to describe it to him.  I thought it sounded reasonable and well within his marvelous capabilities.

We compromised.  We (and by "we" I mean "He and Junior") put plastic up around the lower back porch one morning and around the upper back porch that afternoon.  

With supervisory help from Jack South.

The back porch is now staying consistently 10-15 degrees warmer than the outside.  That might not help the plants that much if it gets down into the single digits, but it is making a difference now.

So far we have the rosemary out there and the fairy garden.  

I'll get some lettuce planted in plastic bins and foil pans this weekend

 and maybe move the parsley in from the beds outside. 

Yes, the chickens are safely tucked away into their tractors.

They will NOT be spending the winter on the porch!

Mr. Marvelous is getting new catalogs and some seeds in the mail every week.  Some weeks that seems like a daily event!  

He'll be starting seeds in pots before too much longer.

We are planning on an extensive raised bed system this next year.  As those seeds are germinating, he will be building frames.  

To Mr. Marvelous, one of the best things about gardening is that it is a year-round endeavor.

He does love his gardens!

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