Friday, November 29, 2013

Get Ready:

The Christmas that Mr. Marvelous and I were engaged, I was introduced to a family tradition in his mother's family.  All brides and brides-to-be were given Spode Christmas Tree china for Christmas. 


I was thrilled!  I have always loved that pattern and looked forward to one day having a set to use on my own table.  I remember how happy I was to unwrap that first dinner plate and have my future mother-in-law explain the tradition.  Several years later I inherited a full set from my mother-in-law. 

One of our traditions from my side of the family is the ceremonial "Getting Out The Christmas China" that occurs the weekend right after Thanksgiving.  I'll be getting mine out today or tomorrow.  I'll be giving thanks to God for my mother-in-law and Aunt Mimi and the many, many graces they extended to me as I blundered my way into their family. 

This is the first step I take to get ready for Advent.  The word "Advent" translates "Coming".  Advent is the time when we celebrate the coming of Christmas.  We are preparing to celebrate the birth of the Lord Jesus into our world.  We also look forward to His coming back.  Our traditions include things from the mundane to the serious; getting out the china, lighting candles each week, putting up the decorations, reading Christmas books, etc.  I will also continue my tradition of blogging The Twenty-Four Days of Christmas, starting December 1. 

Join our family as we celebrate.  Get ready to get ready: Christ is coming!

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